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Bamboo Multiplex: The perfect residential bamboo

Bambusa Multiplex, also known as the Golden Goddess, is a tall growing, yellow-stemmed, clump-forming bamboo that enjoys full sun to partial shade.

The Bamboo Multiplex is a part of the clumping bamboo varieties, which makes them non-Invasive like other runner type bamboo varieties.

Now, you might think that if it loves a lot of sun, then it must surely need a lot of water. But here’s the thing, this Multiplex Bamboo is actually very drought resistant once established and can be watered weekly instead of daily.

It grows between 2m to 4m tall depending on conditions, making it the perfect hedge cover and privacy screening for your garden.

Bambusa Multiplex can be grown directly in the ground or grown in large pots.

This species of bamboo is well-known for its capacity to create lush, thick hedges, which you will easily fall in love with. When properly cared for, this bamboo creates a gorgeous hedge that is thick enough for plenty of privacy while still allowing a nice breeze to come through.

The canes can grow around 1cm-3cm in diameter which makes perfect stakes for other trees in your garden. The new shoots are edible and are very popular amongst Asian cuisines.

Bambusa Multiplex is the one of the shorter growing bamboo in comparison to the other giant species of its kind, which makes it perfect to plant in residential areas. It transforms the landscape into a graceful, lush, tropical garden making it the ideal space for some unwinding and some yoga. When the wind gushes in and ruffles the leaves, it becomes the perfect sound to meditate to, giving you the ultimate relaxation, you need after a tough day.


  • Privacy Screening and Hedging
  • Wind Break – perfect for high wind areas
  • Adds a Tropical touch to your garden
  • Constant harvest of bamboo stakes
  • Drought Tolerant
  • Gorgeous Lush Foliage

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