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Our success and company history.

From a small sideline hobby, 2 brothers passion for greening the earth using the permaculture principles, built the largest online tree nursery in South Africa

About Our Online Store

GreenCloudSolutions delivers a wide range of trees, both edible and ornamental, to all areas of South Africa. We offer door to door fast delivery service for our customers, ensuring fresh growth on our trees

Where it all began ? 2 Brothers realized that the world was going down the wrong path. People in our area were cutting down their trees, the bird and bees no longer visited our area. We knew in our hearts that this isnt the way us humans should live on this planet. In our childhood we can remember big trees, bumble bees flying around the garden, chameleons camoflaging in the trees and the birds singing above us.

We wanted to be the change, therefore we both researched ways and techniquies in which we can bring back the life in our area. During 2014 we stumbled upon a word called “Permaculture”. Little did we know that this word would vastly transform our lives for the better.

Permaculture taught us how to be one with nature. It taught is to firstly observe our surroundings before we make any design. Using the 12 core permaculture principles we transformed our back yard into a permaculture food forest.

One could say that we created a small garden of Eden in our backyard. We planted so many different fruit trees, flowering shrubs, herbs, and vegetables.

Some plants died and others flourished. Over the course of 5 years, we learned an incredible amount of what works and what doesn’t. Being in a drought-prone area, water harvesting was key to our success. Over time people came to know about our little oasis. Therefore we started selling our fruit trees over gumtree and other classifieds websites. We eventually created a simple website, only getting our first online order after 1.5 years. Over the next few years, we grew our online presence and eventually started getting constant online sales.

We are now branching out and constantly increasing our product range. We strive to deliver superior customer service by constantly listening to our customers.

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We transform your garden into a paradise

We strive for superior customer service, we listen to our customers ensuring that we evolve our business month by month.

Majority of our profits are used in reforestation projects all over South Africa. We believe that it is our duty to help raise awareness about permaculture and also to help regreen this planet. We, the people, have the power to inact change and be the change we want to see in this world.


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Do you want to get involved with our reforestation projects? Do you want to learn more about permaculture and the permaculture design techniques?

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