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Benefits of Grafted Avocado Trees

Before we dive into the benefits of grafted avocado trees, we should first address the question of what does grafted mean?

Grafting is a horticultural technique whereby you take a piece of another plant (Scion) of the same genus and attach it to another tree/plant (Rootstock). The scion is selected from a mother tree that has the characteristics that you desire. In the instance of an avocado, this is an avocado tree that produces excellent fruit in terms of yield, taste, size, oil content and other characteristics. The rootstock is chosen usually to be disease and pest resistant.

Example of a type of grafting method commonly used to graft Avocados

Once the scion is grafted onto the rootstock, the scion would take dominance and thus would grow resulting in a tree with your chosen characteristics.

Faster fruiting maturity

One of the downfall of planting avocados from seed is that they can take between 7 to 12 years to eventually flower and produce fruits. After all that time there is still no guarantee that it will fruit in large enough quantities and taste nice.

Grafted avocados are effectively the mother tree (i.e they think they are 200+ years old), and therefore will flower each season, thus reducing the time you have to wait for your avocados to fruit by 7 to 10 years. This is the power of grafting.

Superior Fruit Quality

Because the scion was specifically chosen for its superior characteristics, such as flavor, oil content, seed size, skin texture and yield, you can be 100% certain that your avocados will be of superior quality, leaving no space for uncertainty on how your avocados will eventually turn out. When planted by seed, you have very little control over the type of avocado that will be produced. Your seeded avocado could be tasteless, have a lower oil content, have thick skin or have a big seed with little flesh. Grafting makes certain of the type and consistency of the avocado that your tree produces.

High Yields

High Yield

Most commercial varieties of avocados grown today were specifically chosen for their yield per tree. Common varieties like the Fuerte, Hass, pinkerton and Reed are grown commercially due to the fact that their yields are very high compared to other avocado varieties. There are other reasons such as their longevity during long shipping times.

As mentioned earlier in the post, your grafted avocado will flower each season, and if the branches are strong enough they will fruit in large quantities. As your tree gets bigger and stronger, it will be able to hold more and more fruit. Therefore with each year passing, your grafted avocado will yield more and more.

You are able to keep your grafted avocados relatively small compared to seeded trees due to them being high yielding varieties. Obviously the bigger they can get the more fruit you will get that you can share with your family and friends.

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Grafted Avocado Fruit Trees

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