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Bambusa Tuldoides

Bambusa tuldoides

Native to Vietnam and to Guangdong province in southern China. The species is widely cultivated in subtropical regions around the world for the bulbous and ornamental culms. The species is used in bonsai.

Common names include Buddha bamboo and Buddha’s-belly bamboo

This bamboo can reach a size of 15 to 18 m high.

There is a tale about this bamboo, this bamboo sleeps for the 1st year, the roots grows in the 2nd year and rapidly grows in the 3rd year. The incredible speed of growth is magical to see.

Plant in full sun

Bursting New Bamboo Shoots

A graceful bamboo, similar to Bambusa textilis in appearance, but slightly larger.

The large, thick walled culms make this one of the most useful tropical bamboos.

Culms are frequently solid near the base. Prolific culm producer in a semi-open clump. This is the bamboo used for the Gulf Coasts Calcutta surf poles of years past. Very strong, straight culms are highly sought after for tool handles, crafts, etc.


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Bambusa tuldoides


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