Off Grid, Permaculture

Self Sufficient Off-Grid Home

Urban Tilba is a sustainable Sydney home which has state of the art solar with lifetime batteries, urban wind turbines, urban food systems, along with Permaculture principles. It truly is a home for the future. Situated on a 650sqm urban block in Seven Hills (Sydney, Australia) Mike Haydon and his family create their energy, harvest their water and grow their own fruits and vegetables.

This Australia Day Mike and his family will open up their home to the public to demonstrate to people that it can be done on a city block. They want to show the world how you too can make our cities more sustainable and create homes that work for our families.

What will you see?

  • A solar energy system with lifetime battery/s.
  • A Wind Turbine.
  • Rainwater harvesting systems.
  • Food systems.
  • Electric cars.
  • Solar powered garden tools.
  • Demonstrations of homemade food and beer.
  • And a whole range of system’s Mike has designed and implemented to make his home a closed loop system.
  • There will be entertainment on the day and a BBQ from sustainably sourced meat.

The house will be open from 10 am to 3 pm, come and spend Australia Day Off-Grid.

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