Reforest South Africa ! – Help join the Movement

Help us plant 5000 Trees all over South Africa by the end of the year.

Together we can bring back the Southern Afro-temperate Forests which once filled the landscape

Did you know that most of the area surrounding Table Mountain were part of one of the Greatest Woodlands called the Southern Afro-Temperate Forests. This forest consisted of Tall multilayered indigenous trees. This type of forest forms part of a grander subset of forests which span right through to Ethiopia.

Most of this area was covered in tall mature trees with the popular fynbos surrounding.

These Majestic Trees were removed due to mass deforestation and unsustainable human settlement arrived.

But now you have the opportunity to help bring back these Majestic Trees.

Contrary to popular belief, these trees will actually prevent common wildfires and will help retain the water in the area and bring back many of the dried up rivers.

Action plan :

We will :

  • plant most of these trees just just before the end of the rains each year so that these trees have sufficient time to build strong/deep root systems, hence become drought resistant.
  • plant only indigenous trees which belonged to this sub-type of forest ecology.
  • practice sound ecological principles (which will be based on the Permaculture methodology)
  • involve the community in this reforestation project as far as possible.
  • partner with local Permaculture teachers to provide the best possible advice which will provide the best possible solutions given the unique landscape.
  • run a forum where people can collaborate and share insights during this reforestation campaign.

Only Together can we Bring back the Forests !!! Take Acton Now .

We plan to reforest 10 trees per community park. The 3 parks will be chosen initially, namely Maynardville Park in Wynberg, Cape Town, Wynberg park, and Batts Road Prairies Park. Many more parks will be targeted for reforestation in the near future.

See the GPS Locations of the respective parks:

With the Help of your Power we can Reforest your World Together !